Month: July 2014

Another ‘Talking Shop’?

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Bono was sublime in his criticism of efforts to address issues of child mortality back in 2011 at Davos where he talks about moving past having just another ‘talking shop’. Watch from 27:00 to 32:00¬†where he exhorts us all to strive for a 10 out of 10.

Crossing the River of Myth

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The avuncular Hans Rosling was back recently staunchly arguing why child mortality is more readily overcome now than ever before. He shows that it is our dated perspective mistakenly informed through myth we cling to that which holds us back. We are closer to a solution than we think or know.

Let Hans tell the story himself below:


Next Steps… I’m Ready

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...and inside is.... Saving babies with Ze Frank! (Thanks Ze!)
…and inside is…. Saving babies with Ze Frank! (Thanks Ze!)

I’m ready to take the next steps.

It has taken me a while longer to get to this point than I thought it might, but I am ready.

Thanks to everyone for being patient. I am not going to fire-hose the world with blog posts, but more wanting to do this together.

Over the last four years since I started this journey I have learnt a lot. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Rereading this site, I now realise that all the answers are here. We have all that we need. So let’s go. Time to get to work!