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Methodology: How I See This Working

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The infant mortality rate in Africa is at 9% a...
The infant mortality rate in Africa is at 9% and child mortality under five years at 15%. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I filmed a short video while out doing 8 x 400 m sprint training on the weekend, and shared it here for you to understanding my methodology better.

Check out the video here, and the notes below amplify the message. Let me know if relating this story while I am out of breath between sprints is a distraction at all. I was hoping it added some authenticity to what I have been doing (albeit, would be good if I wasn’t so much gasping!)

Essentially, there are five parts to this journey to help alleviate child mortality:

Part 1: 10 City Bridge Run. The Run.

This is essentially a stunt. Running 10 sub-marathons of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries all inside of one month. Is it necessary? I think so. Is it possible? Only if it is funded through crowdfunding at Please don’t feel compelled to support me. I am not into guilt trips. If it doesn’t get funded I will have no option other than to close this down. A missed opportunity. We can do better than that.

Part 2: Outcome 1 – The book, ‘Life Bridge’.

This will be a beautifully produced photo-pictorial book with 100 photographs of human bridges. It is something we are going to create, and will tell a story of strength through connection.  More on that later.

Part 3: Outcome 2 – Design Forum to be held in each city I run.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of this project. To go and see, and to capture lessons and stories. The Design Forum won’t necessarily be huge. It is the conversation that is important. The conversation will continue long after the Design Forum is completed. Innovation as a process to help alleviate child mortality is what this is about, and the vehicle is a human bridge.

Part 4: Outcome 3 – 10 Tangible Ways To Make A Difference.

From the experience and contribution of ideas people will be making during the journey, especially through the Design Forum, a co-created list of 10 Tangible Ways To Make A Difference will be collated. I owe this suggestion to Charles Tsai, an impressive social entrepreneur from Canada who impact has been felt internationally.

Part 5: Outcome 4 – Three year Plan (2013-2015)

Another great social entrepreneur, Paul Polak, inspired this outcome through his book ‘Out of Poverty: what works when traditional approaches fail‘. Paul argues that working from three-year plans is most effective to create change. This will be the expression of the 10 Tangible Ways to Make A Difference into some measurable way that people can contribute in some form (not simply in money) to help alleviate child mortality.

There is by coincidence a three year window between now and 2015. How might this be used to help bridge the existing efforts with other people who might be able to do more but are not engaged? Worth examining further. I believe so.

I am not promising a silver bullet, nor I am suggesting that this effort will solve a problem where others have failed. We have all failed together. Looking after each other is all our responsibility.

Life Bridge is an aspirational project to inspire the capacity for change. I believe it will make a difference. I do need your support to make this work. I can’t do this on my own, and their is no intention for that to be the case either. Please join me on the journey through sponsoring me at

Do me a favour, and please forward and RT this link. I need you to step up. Please help.


Six Bridges of Connection to Jackie-O

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Jackie-O: Please call me!

Kyle, Jackie-O. So good to meet last year- can you remember this photo we took together? Ok, maybe you were a little two-dimensional then (just a cut-out). You had a night-time sandwich bar operating at the studio. Getting a free sandwich was good, but not quite as good as what it would be like to meet you in person.

I know that much of what is written about you both sometimes just skims the surface. But I know that you both go a little deeper.

Jackie: great to see Kitty arrive safely into the world, and the photos on your website are just beautiful. Can we talk about your pregnancy? That must have been a life-changing experience for you and Lee, not just the complications before birth but more importantly everything you have blessed with since. It is wonderful news!

I am running 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries all inside of one month starting 10 October this year to raise awareness for how we might help to alleviate child mortality. Your story inspires me Jackie. Would you be open to helping inspire actions that make healthy births a reality for many in the developing world who presently face a 20% chance of tragedy?

Love to talk. Can we? Will you? Please join me in the journey to make a difference.

You can read more here at

20 Laps of Sydney Harbour Bridge: Training Run 24 August

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English: Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My training run for this Friday. 20 laps of Sydney Harbour Bridge = 24 km. Each lap is about 1.2 km, so the distance is pretty good.

Come and join me if you want- happy to walk a lap with you if you want to take it more gently, or just come and say hello from one of the ends of the bridge. If you want to run a couple of laps, or even just one (or two for the return trip), please leave a comment and I will make sure we meet up together. I will be running between 5 pm and 7 pm, and you will know where to find me…

I like running across the bridge. Great view. The foot traffic around that time might get a little busy, and I will just have to fit in with the crowd as best as I can if that is the case.

Rescheduled my training run of 24 km this week from today to Friday.

Check out a brief video talking about this run:

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Strength

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Viet Nam and Child Mortality

My favourite inspirational video, maybe of all time. Sit back, turn the music up, and get fired up for the next 1:30. If this does nothing for you, go and see a doctor: you need your heart checked.

Strength, perseverance and determination. Qualities we all admire. This video about the 2012 London Paraolympics paints a different perspective. It’s time to do battle. Meet the Superhumans.

I need your support too. I am going to run 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries all inside of one month. I am doing this to raise awareness of how we can alleviate child mortality.

Please join me on my journey by supporting my endeavour. Details of what I am doing, and why I am doing it, along with details of how you can support are here on

Enjoy the video. Let me know what you find best about it.

The Not-So-Coffee-Free Friday: Part 2

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Please support me for the cost of a coffee on Friday!

Today, I have rescheduled my training, and will run six laps between Pyrmont Bridge and Anzac Bridge (4.2 km one way) to cover a 24 km distance. Along the way, I am hoping to stop by for a quick coffee with my good friend Annette Higgins (caffeine is a good stimulant for increasing athletic performance). Consider sponsoring me $4 (you only need to do it once ever)- the cost of a coffee- while I am running.

You can do this through the link here at It is a crowdfunding site, which means many people contribute small amounts to fund a creative project.

Next week, I will run 20 laps of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1.2 km one way) during a training run. You are welcome to join me for the whole distance or just one lap. Happy to slow to a walking pace (for one lap) if that suits you best!

Times are tight. I know that. But would you play a small part in my journey by sponsoring me $4?

Actually, there are no small parts in this journey. Everyone has their place, and even $4 makes a big difference to the outcome: helping to alleviate child mortality. Read more about how I believe I can make a difference with your help at the link above.

Thanks for coming on the journey.

Go To Where The Action Is

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Course for the 10 City Bridge Run commencing 10 October 2012: 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km, in 10 cities across 10 countries, all inside of one month.

A number of friends recently challenged me on why I had planned to go to the cities I had chosen to visit. “Ought you to spend more time in places inside of Africa?” they asked.

Initially, I argued on the basis of the narrative that I had formed. This was how I could justify visiting places like London.

But as I thought more about the advice that my friends were giving me, I realised that they were right. Watching a video by Paul Polak around the same time closed the deal for me. His advice in order to make change was to ‘go to where the action is’.

That meant ditching London, Banda Aceh and Fukushima, and instead embracing three new countries inside of Africa. The journey has taken a different twist now, and I think for the better.

I re-recorded a video I had made to reflect the changes, and you can watch it below here:

12 Steps For Practical Problem Solving

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Cover of "Out of Poverty: What Works When...

Did you ever read the book from Paul Polak: ‘Out of Poverty: what works when traditional approaches fail’? It is a great reference book, and practical.

Paul Polak has worked addressing the needs of those most in poverty for over three decades, and has made a significant impact.

This video shows Paul describing 12 steps for practical problem solving.

Take some time to watch it. It will be worth it.

Coffee Free Friday?

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Please support me for the cost of a coffee on Friday!

Okay, maybe not go without coffee. I share your pain. But would you consider supporting me for the cost of a coffee in my crowdfunding project? I would love you to join the journey.

Check out my new video, but better still visit the Pozible site here at and check out the right hand column.

On Friday, would you be open to supporting me for $4?

Go on, help make this journey possible and changing the narrative for child mortality.

…and could I ask one other thing too? Please ask those you are also having coffee with you support too. Yes, you can do it on your smartphone. And why wait for Friday? Thanks for your support!


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Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda
Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda (Photo credit: Suede Bicycle)

I am always amazed at the Olympic Marathon. It is so fast. Really, a race for the whole 42.2 km.

Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda made a surprising guts effort in the last 5 km to win from behind and steal the lead right through until finish.

Literally a race that was neck and neck for its whole distance, it was engaging throughout. Inspiring.

Uganda’s first medal at this Olympics, and in the last race.

See photos here:

Champion Effort

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Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel...
Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel University’s indoor athletics Centre. Usain used Brunel as a European training base prior to the 2009 Berlin Athletics World Championships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Olympics are over. But let’s not forget that the Para-Olympics are yet to commence. Every event there is a champion effort. People giving their all, overcoming obstacles beyond than just training hard and pushing through pain.

I really admire competition at that level. Somehow, often it seems so natural and so effortless. But what we don’t see if the years of commitment and determination to succeed. The focus is so often on Gold alone, or Second or Third, but every competitor has achieved something great even if only for their own performance.

The world stops momentarily to watch so of the events. Take the 100 m Mens Sprint. Usain Bolt retains his champion status. What a race- so much intensity. Watch it here again recorded in high density footage caught from a rare up close camera…it is just like being there yourself. Unbelievable.

Want more inspiration? Check out