Supporters- Thank you

Thanks for joining this epic journey through your support
A huge thanks to each of these supporters who have generously contributed to making this journey possible. Your support has been the difference that makes a difference.

  • Innovation Supporters. At the heart of this project is bridging the imagination and innovation gap. These supporters have made a generous and significant contribution to sustain the initiative through their pre-order of the book ‘Life Bridge: The Importance of Connection‘ with a contribution that exceeds $450.
    • Chris and Judy Fullerton
      Daryl Jones
      Antoine Houdaille
      Fay Knight
      Helen Waldron
  • Foundation Supporters. Any bridge comprises of both spans and a foundation. The stability of the foundation is essential to the structure of the bridge. These supporters leverage the project to succeed through their generosity. This is for supporters who have pre-ordered the hard-cover edition of the book ‘Life Bridge: The Importance of Connection‘ for $240.
    • Regina Baidoo
      Mark Burrows
      Ian Campbell
      Sean Carmody
      Peter Cooper
      Mark Goodsell
      Natasha Goulden
      Dr David Greatorex AO
      Elsbeth Jones
      Walter and Elizabeth Lewin
      Stephen Mayers
      MAJGEN Jim Molan AO DSC (Ret’d)
      Philip Morrice
      Dr Christopher Pockley
      Bob Rose, AM
      Anni Rowland-Campbell
      Sydney Running Centre (Phil and Julian Roux)
      The Metal Group
      Andrew Tyndale
      Angus White
      Anonymous (1)
  • Span SupportersThe backbone to this project. A span is an important part in the construction of a bridge. This is for supporters who have pre-ordered the soft-cover edition of the book ‘Life Bridge: The Importance of Connection
    • Carolyn Barratt
      Darren Beard
      Andrew Blanda
      Mark Bode
      Fleur Brown
      Virginia Bruce
      Sarah Buckley
      Dr Tom Calma
      Judith Cantor
      Simon Carter
      The Hon Fred Chaney AO
      Nuchsara Chuwitsakunlert
      Robin Clare
      Justin Cooper
      Gillian Coutts
      Alan Crabbe
      Catherine Craig
      William Cummins
      Roger Deaner
      Monique Demarteau
      Grant Dibden
      Ash Donaldson
      Elizabeth Donaldson
      Alistair Drake
      Annette Ellis
      Digital Eskimo (Dave Gravina)
      Ricardo Felipe
      Richard Fleming
      Anne Frankenberg
      Jim Fruchterman
      Campbell Fuller
      Emma Gardiner
      Grahame Gerstenberg
      Gregg Girling
      Virginia Gordon
      John Haggerty Mayers
      Nicola Haggerty Mayers
      Michael Hann
      Paul Harper
      Harinder Singh Labana
      Martin Hayden
      Gavin Heaton
      Tui Siong and Ainslie Hie
      Annalisa Holmes
      KP Hong
      Joy Hopwood
      Difei Hu
      Kay Hughes
      David James
      Bronwen Jones
      Peter Kaldor
      Dale Kim
      Jin-sun Kim and David Ralph
      Jung-hyun (Kevin) Kim
      Anoop Lad
      Nicole Long
      Tim Longhurst
      Ian Lyons
      Melinda Macgregor
      Lina Mbirkou
      Mary Jane McKerihan
      Shibani Mishra
      Gary Moore
      Jason Murray
      Liam O’Brien
      Anne O’Sullivan
      Mary O’Sullivan
      Howard Parker
      Randall Pearce
      Laura Peck
      Ian Roderick and Allie Powell
      Jennie Pry
      Greg Read
      Jim and Joyce Reardon
      Anna Rose
      Antonia Ruffell
      Margaret Scott
      Ian Sewell
      John & Monique Shannon
      Katrina Sharman
      Jay Singh
      Lachlan Statyer
      Greg Smith
      Wirungrong Somkid
      JH Suh
      Terrence Swan
      Doug Taylor
      Mick Taylor
      Nick Triandafyllou
      Charles Tsai
      James Waites
      Ben Ward
      Tom Watson
      Alex Weltlinger
      Roger West
      Catherine White
      Samuel Whittle
      Elana Williams
      Pete and Edna Wilson
      Anna Zhu
  • Encouragement Supporters. Thank you. Every contribution counts.
    • Hyun Jin Kim
      Dave McLennan
      Helen Palmer
      Lizzie Scally
      Janine Smith
      Shu Shu Zheng

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