Matt’s bio

Matt is widely respected for his skills at building networks globally, along with his ability to get and analyse information. He is regarded by many as a strategic thinker and pathfinder.

Matt served as an Australian Army Officer for over 19 years, and is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon. During his military service he received the Australian Active Service Medal for operational service in East Timor during 2002-2003 as the Lead Operations and Plans Officer for the Australian Defence Force.

Matt’s military experience included deployment on border protection duties serving as the Transit Security Element Commander where he assisted the successful interception and returning of SIEV 14 (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel). As Desk Officer within the Land Component Joint Operations Command, Matt was responsible to stand-up then manage the Australian Army response to the 2004 Aceh tsunami relief effort.

Matt’s career included various instructional responsibilities, and a broad range of regimental postings including service with the Parachute Battalion Group as part of the Australian Army’s Rapid Deployment Force. Matt was detached outside of Australia on several occasions including deployments to Malaysia, Singapore and the United States.

During his military service, Matt completed a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations and Security Studies) and a Masters of Business Administration.

In 2004, Matt received a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to undertake research through UK and USA to examine successful models of social enterprise.

In 2008, Matt was presented with a Leadership Award from the then Australian Governor General, Major General Michael Jeffery, AC, AO, CVO, MC and Australian prime minister, the Honorable Kevin Rudd MP, at the Australian Davos Connection Future Summit.

Matt commenced a Vincent Fairfax Fellowship at the beginning of 2009. The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship is awarded to selected Australian leaders to increase their capacity for ethical deliberation in order to contribute to a better society.

As part of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, earlier in 2010 Matt spent three months in South Korea examining an ethical question: ‘should business have a role in changing a relationship with North Korea?’

In March 2010, Matt attended by invitation a Vietnamese Government sponsored regional conference examining ‘Cultural Diplomacy’ held in Hanoi. In May 2010, Matt attended by invitation the Korean World Forum hosted out of the European Union Parliament in Brussels.

Matt visited China in 2007 by invitation of Zhejiang University to examine the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation within the region.

Matt has a passion for social entrepreneurship and how this can strengthen corporate responsibility to benefit a healthy society in a peaceful world. He has been a regular delegate at the Skoll World Forum of Social Entrepreneurship held at Oxford University since 2005.

During February and March 2011, Matt has been engaged to examine the feasibility for developing a national approach eco-tourism in Papua New Guinea.

Commencing in March 2012, Matt attended an extraordinary gathering of 100 ‘best and brightest’ leaders in UK through London, Glasgow and Oxford. Participants were selected to attend representing 23 of the 54 countries within the Commonwealth. This was the first part of a two-part conference called the Commonwealth Study Conference (known by its shorter acronym CSCLeaders) where a theme of ‘leading beyond authority’ and the role of bridge builders in our extended community was discussed.


2 thoughts on “Matt’s bio

    Mum said:
    November 17, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    That’s an impressive start to something as directly important to the overall help to other people in today’s world, with all its jagged edges of society that create such a wide gap between poverty and wealth. There are many aspects of your journey thus far that are now interacting with your journey forward.
    Proud Mum

      10citybridgerun said:
      November 19, 2010 at 5:22 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement Mum- it is a great help. I know you will be with me ‘every bridge of the way!’

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