Benefits of child survival

Benefits of improving delivery of child survival often go unrecognised beyond the prevention of death.

Here are ten tangible outcomes that are worth celebrating:

  1. More effective spending of aid which is currently deployed.
  2. Greater impact on eradicating disease.
  3. Improved health and education among women.
  4. Counter-intuitively, results in a reduction of an otherwise unchecked population growth (shown by all historical trends).
  5. Encourages stronger community fabric for those living in the worst poverty.
  6. Encourages entrepreneurial pursuit in other areas for those living in the worst poverty.
  7. Knowledge sharing leading to other game-changing breakthroughs.
  8. Exhilaration of knowing the lives of millions of people have been changed for the better.
  9. Lower maternal mortality.
  10. Preservation of the environment through the strategic benefit of shaping population growth.

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