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Goodooga, located 200 km from Lightning Ridge in Northern NSW has a population of around 270 people, of which more than 80% are Indigenous. Look it up yourself on googlemaps…it is real.

The town has a strong community spirit and is trying to survive by building grocery and petrol services to be run by a local cooperative.

What has this to do with extreme poverty you might ask?

Much has been written about aid- curse or cure.  A lot has been written about the adoption of enterprise and design initiatives to overcome the effects of poverty (for example, child mortality in so-called “Third World Countries”). Some of the health interventions are in the form of aid, and some are made sustainable through enterprise.

These situations are complex, and not just about the grandeur of a large institution or the macro-economics of how statistics might be improved.

What actually happens among real people matters. There is no silver bullet delivered by any rock star or politician to solve these problems.

Together, we can be part of the difference that makes a difference by making the bridges needed to ‘close the gap’.

Please support the 10 City Bridge Run to highlight small actions which will make a big difference in showing that the impossible can be possible. Please sponsor me with $24 here.


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      10citybridgerun said:
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      Thanks for the feedback- I appreciate your interest!

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