Opening a conversation: “Bridge-makers”. Your thoughts?

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This week 16-24 March, I will be attending the Commonwealth Study Conference in UK held across six different cities. It will be a busy time, building new networks, and being challenged with new thoughts. An opportunity to share an collaborate as well.

The theme for the CSCLeaders is an interesting question:

How do people from communities which have spread across the world become bridge-makers in the global networks of the future?

Interested to know about your thoughts, questions and ideas which this question raises.

Also interested to know how I would be best placed to open a conversation around this question to share what comes out of the conference. This blog and Facebook both serve a purpose, but also have their limitations. I was thinking about something like Basecamp, but someone no doubt has a better idea. I would love to hear it!

My focus at the CSCLeaders is to build a strong enabling environment for the 10 City Bridge Run. More soon.


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