Begin with the End: Focus on Kenya

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Dressed up Maasai warriors
Dressed up Maasai warriors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Begin with the end in mind. Before looking at the running in other locations, we are going to get a tighter plan around Kenya which will be the last country visited as part of the 10 City Bridge Run.

The maturing focus on the 10 City Bridge Run itself is a great advancement from the largely idealised and abstract concept which it began as back in 2010. It is an enormous undertaking, and the timeline and the plan we have going forward is much improved.

The first task is perhaps grounding the 10 City Bridge Run in a particular activity. Thanks for good friends in Kenya and around the world, there has been much discussion about what shape the run in Kenya might take next March. We will begin our initial planning there, and work to address some of the more immediate issues in other cities a little later in June.

Already there has been great input as to what form the run should take. We are looking at an out and back course. It will be open to international participation. And there is still a lot to organise.

Asking good questions before has been helpful. We have been able to identify that covering a marathon distance is not desirable for a number of reasons. Despite the narrative that is built around this, it might be that running a half-marathon distance is preferable to a 24 km distance. We welcome your feedback as to whether you would favour a half-marathon. Whether it is 24 km or half-marathon, all runs across the 10 cities will cover the same (or approximately the same) distance.

There are a still a lot of people we need to speak with to get this done. Please register your interest to support the Kenya Run here as either a runner or as someone who has some specialty knowledge to assist with planning, organising or marshalling this event. If there is someone or some organisation we need to speak to, please pass on their details or make an introduction.

Enter the form here to register your interest. Thanks for working together! Harambee!


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