Do You Want Gel With That?

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Looking severe after Josef finished with me...
Looking severe after Josef finished with me…

Yosef is a good mate of mine in Auburn. The barber shop is on the southern side of Auburn Station, and I highly recommend you drop by to say hello, and even go to get your hair clippered.

He crafted a silhouette of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my moustache I had grown for Movember a few years back.

Shortly after my brother was diagnosed with leukaemia, my mother did the ‘world’s greatest shave’ to raise money for leukaemia, and I joined her too.

It certainly wasn’t a fashion statement, but doing this did give me something to ‘do’ while my brother was battling out chemotherapy on his own. I’m glad I made the video, and is a good reminder of a precious two years I had with my brother across the last two years.

Josef has such a lovely nature. He was really sensitive through the haircut, asking after my brother. And he injected some excellent Australian humour into the situation asking: “do you want gel with that?” once he had finished. He didn’t charge me for the haircut either, and I think he will be one of the first places I go for a haircut after touching down in Sydney and dropping my bags.

Every time I walk past his shop, he always asks after my brother. That sort of community spirit is really welcome.

It doesn’t need to be mentioned, but I make the following comment in wake of the recent Lindt seige. Josef is a Muslim and I am not. We get along famously, as I do with all his mates. Despite our differences, we are better together. We are building bridges, because don’t we know we need them.


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