Every day is Mothers Day, but especially today

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Out the front of our old house, many years ago...
Out the front of our old house, many years ago…

Can we ever thank our mothers enough for the gift of bringing us safely into the world?

Life is not always one big party, but it is wonderful to stop and remember all of the good things that we share, and all the reasons to be thankful for our mothers.

I have enjoyed watching my friends on Facebook record their journey as first time mums. It is a wonderful to experience their joy vicariously. Today, for all of you, I hope it is a very special day.

Mothers Day is not universal to this date. Iran was last week, Thailand is 12 August, and on it goes. And neither should it be limited to only one date. Every day should be a reason to say thank you.

So today, to my Mum especially, thank you.