Harder Than You Think

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Little you know, but very seldom I do party ja...
Little you know, but very seldom I do party jams . . . (Photo credit: Hryck.)

Public Enemy’s song from 2007 made famous in  the recent 2012 London ParaOlympics.

An awesome tune, and a good reminder to kick the bass and push just a little bit harder. There is always a little more to give than you thought might have been the case.


Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Strength

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Viet Nam and Child Mortality

My favourite inspirational video, maybe of all time. Sit back, turn the music up, and get fired up for the next 1:30. If this does nothing for you, go and see a doctor: you need your heart checked.

Strength, perseverance and determination. Qualities we all admire. This video about the 2012 London Paraolympics paints a different perspective. It’s time to do battle. Meet the Superhumans.

I need your support too. I am going to run 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries all inside of one month. I am doing this to raise awareness of how we can alleviate child mortality.

Please join me on my journey by supporting my endeavour. Details of what I am doing, and why I am doing it, along with details of how you can support are here on http://www.pozible.com/lifebridge

Enjoy the video. Let me know what you find best about it.


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Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda
Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda (Photo credit: Suede Bicycle)

I am always amazed at the Olympic Marathon. It is so fast. Really, a race for the whole 42.2 km.

Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda made a surprising guts effort in the last 5 km to win from behind and steal the lead right through until finish.

Literally a race that was neck and neck for its whole distance, it was engaging throughout. Inspiring.

Uganda’s first medal at this Olympics, and in the last race.

See photos here:

Champion Effort

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Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel...
Sprinting legend Usain Bolt pictured in Brunel University’s indoor athletics Centre. Usain used Brunel as a European training base prior to the 2009 Berlin Athletics World Championships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Olympics are over. But let’s not forget that the Para-Olympics are yet to commence. Every event there is a champion effort. People giving their all, overcoming obstacles beyond than just training hard and pushing through pain.

I really admire competition at that level. Somehow, often it seems so natural and so effortless. But what we don’t see if the years of commitment and determination to succeed. The focus is so often on Gold alone, or Second or Third, but every competitor has achieved something great even if only for their own performance.

The world stops momentarily to watch so of the events. Take the 100 m Mens Sprint. Usain Bolt retains his champion status. What a race- so much intensity. Watch it here again recorded in high density footage caught from a rare up close camera…it is just like being there yourself. Unbelievable.

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