Design Forum. 10 Cities. Free to Attend.

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Roman ForumRoman Forum, Rome
Roman ForumRoman Forum, Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The concept to this 10 City Bridge Run is really starting to take shape, and I have some exciting news to share.

The good news is that what started as a concept over coffee with friends a little over two years ago is now about to go global, and all thanks to you.

Many of you have supported me by sponsoring the journey. The sponsorship has been pre-ordering a book called ‘Life Bridge’ that will feature 100 photos of human bridges. That is on track too, although I expect the book won’t be published until late February 2013. In the meantime, we have an intense journey ahead. You can just watch from the sidelines- that is fine too.

For those people who did support me, a big thank you once again. It is you who has made this possible. And there have been many other people out there who are helping me in other ways. People like Kelley, Jillian and Zipporah- you are not forgotten either. For all my supporters, a quick message. Every journey needs a passport, and this is no different. So this week I should be posting you your own 16 page passport which outlines what is happening on this journey. First I will be emailing to confirm your address, and then posting the letter.

This post is to briefly mention 10 Design Forum that will be convened in each city I visit. You can join in, and if fact it is free to attend. I still need some help to coordinate this, but I know that together that too is possible. Please visit the Eventbrite link here to register. You can register for more than one city, and you can register friends as well. You can see the themes of the link as well.

This won’t be the last time I mention the Design Forum, and I also want to make sure I am not overloading the interwebs with too many posts. If you are not getting enough information, or if I didn’t make something clear enough, please let me know too.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Let’s get to work!


Passport Lost, Passport Found

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A funny thing happened on the way to the Embassy of Ethiopia earlier this month…

I was in the process of getting the necessary visa clearances for the journey ahead, only to receive a call from the Embassy of Ethiopia. I had sent my passport, and the envelope arrived without the passport. The seal had come loose and the passport fell out.

I did think to get the passport reissued, but the cost seemed to be unreasonable, and including the lost fee and an express reissue would have cost over $400. So I decided to wait.

Yesterday, I received a welcome email from the Passport Office in Melbourne. The passport had been recovered and is on its way back to me.

With the loss of the passport, I made the decision to delay the start date of the 10 City Bridge run until 12 December 2012. Partly because my passport was missing, but also for some other pragmatic reasons:

  • It doesn’t conflict with the US Election.
  • It doesn’t conflict with the Korean Election.
  • The start date 12.12.12 is a memorable number, and emphasises the starting figure for child mortality at the beginning of the Millennium Development Goals: 12 million under-five deaths per year in 1990.

The other good news is that I have also since developed a 16-page Supporters Passport which I am just about to send to all existing supporters to keep you guys informed. I welcome other people to become supporters through buying a passport for as little as $5 to help finance this journey. I am using the same site where I successfully crowdfunded the funding necessary to prove the concept for this journey. All supporters will receive a complimentary copy of the book ‘Life Bridge’ once it is published in early 2013.

Good to have my passport back. Please visit to get yours for this journey, too.