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10 Day Sprint

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Run hard!

Starting tomorrow, I will be head-down on a 1o day sprint. It is an all-in 100% guts-effort to welcome 100 new sponsors to join this journey.

I am still carrying most of the expense out of my own pocket for this initiative, as I have been doing for the last two years. What that means essentially is that I am still short to meet the required amount to board a plane to start the journey.

I am convinced it will happen, and just know that there is some hard work ahead of me between now and then.

In 10 days time I want to be able to book my air travel with confidence that I have the necessary funding in the bank to start and complete the journey.

There are essentially three levels of sponsorship: $5, $24 and $240. You can sponsor me at or if you would prefer to use a different payment method contact me by email or leave a comment below.

It is more than just giving money. In return for your sponsorship, you are in effect joining the journey, and so I will be sending you your own 16-page passport which describes this initiative in detail. At the end of the journey, you will also receive a copy of the book Life Bridge featuring 100 photos of human bridges.

I will be working hard to engage my networks. Would you help by passing this news to people you know. Please help us to reduce child mortality by sponsoring this initiative. Thank you!