Architecture is a story

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Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind uses 17 words to argue that architecture is a story; a story against improbability in this inspiring TED Talk.

This is a great construct for design and innovative thought. Some of the key themes which relate to the 10 City Bridge Run:

  • You have to believe in the future to be a successful architecture.
  • Design is visceral, not intellectual.
  • Power comes from good design and through it leverage to transformation.
  • It is about creating a space that has never been.

Watch the talk here:

Here are his 17 words. Listen to his description- well worth finding 19 minutes for this:

  1. Optimism
  2. Expression
  3. Radical
  4. Emotional
  5. Inexplicable
  6. Hand
  7. Complex
  8. Political
  9. Real
  10. Unexpected
  11. Raw
  12. Pointed
  13. Memorable
  14. Communicative
  15. Risky
  16. Space
  17. Democratic