Overcoming a dilemma: building a bridge

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AI USA Maternal Death Clock Launch
I thought this was an unusual photo. Pointing to the Amnesty International “USA Maternal Death Clock” at the launch. I wonder how it is going, the clock that is? (Photo credit: Amnesty International)

In my last post I wrote about a dilemma I faced. Come too far to stop, but not enough backing to start running on 12 December 2012. It was a real dilemma. I had been training hard to make this journey possible since early 2010. Many false starts, many injuries, but not yet enough of what I needed to begin the journey.

The journey involves a stunt. I will run 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km each in 10 cities across 10 countries all inside of one month. The stunt is to open a conversation about how might we use our networks to help reduce child mortality within the context of the Millennium Development Goals.

Every time I had delayed the start in the past was a difficult decision. I felt as though people who were supporting me would be disappointed, I felt the embarrassment of having to change plans from what I said I would achieve, I felt the difficulty of needing to refocus my mind to a new set of dates.

The good thing was that many people really did help me with some good advice when I shared this last dilemma. Their advice: take your time if you need it, get it right, find some space to rest your mind and get clear on what you are wanting to achieve.

So, to those people who have been a great support, I just want to say thank you.

The new start date for running is 24 February 2013. The dates I had earlier outlined will obviously need to be shifted, but that gives us an opportunity. Through the ‘Supporters Passport’ I have sent to those people who have helped me, we now have a straw man of the concept which we can build upon.

And there are some good opportunities emerging:

  • ‘Conversation Partners’ have now been identified to help with the journey.
  • A significant partner is likely to help to frame the experience. More on that opportunity shortly I hope!
  • Just over three months from now until I start running, so much better time to build the conversation before running.
  • Running outside of the Christmas break so can build a more focused conversation.
  • Looking at a launch party on 31 January 2013, with a very good MC agreeing to help out on the night. More on that shortly!
  • Some good performers also agreeing to help out at the launch event!

It is regrettable to delay, but in this case it helps to build a stronger conversation. Building a bridge over a dilemma. That is what is most beneficial to the outcome, and that is what is most important.

One of the outcomes is the definition of a Three Year Plan. The run will now take place at the beginning of that Three Year Plan. We will be living it out as the plan unfolds. Every decision we make has real consequences.

Thanks to everyone for joining the journey. We welcome many more to come with us if you are not already on board.

Over the coming months, I will be asking for your advice. Looking forward to hearing from you!