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Bono shows the power of a bridge

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Bono at The World Economic Forum, 2008
Bono at The World Economic Forum, 2008

Bono, who has been a vocal advocate for issues including the eradication of extreme poverty, demonstrate the power in the metaphor of a bridge recently in Turkey. See the link here. You have to hand it to Bono- he gets around…in the photo in this blog he is featured at the 2008 World Economic Forum. Kudos!

Yesterday Hugh Jackman wrote an Op-Ed about global poverty in the Sydney Morning Herald. Many of the comments suggested that the only thing Hugh Jackman was qualified to speak about was acting…

Should we care about what anyone else thinks about global poverty, and is it right to give a louder voice to the rock-stars who step up to the microphone to advance this issue? Bono, Jackman, Jolie, now even Madonna!

Hugh Jackman in SMH: Help people to help themselves

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Hugh Jackman taking time out from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, to comment about extreme poverty

Check out the article written by Hugh Jackman in today’s Sydney Morning Herald: “The best development programs help people to help themselves“.

Hugh talks about his “crash course on poverty and how it can be overcome”.

His conclusion?

History has shown development is possible, but not inevitable. Our challenge in the developed world is to help people to be more productively involved in the economy, to raise themselves out of poverty, and achieve a life with choices for their children – all without handouts. From what I have seen, economic development projects do work. They are the best answer to one of the biggest social issues of our time.

More interesting perhaps are the range of views in the comments trailing the article.