G20- the lever for change?

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The G20 describes itself as the premier forum for international economic cooperation: “Our goal is to strengthen the global financial system and build a global economy rooted in sustainable growth and prosperity for all”.

What do most of us understand about the G20, its role and purpose? Does it matter that the frequency of the meeting or what it is designed to do is relatively unknown by many people?

I have framed this global endurance challenge between a high-level United Nations meeting to address the status of the Millennium Development Goals in New York and the G20 to be held in Seoul later in November this year. In between is a space when perhaps people ought to discuss what we understand about extreme poverty, is it a problem we should concern ourselves with, and whether in fact it might be possible to eradicate this within a 2015 timeline set by the United Nations.

South Korea is approaching the organising of the G20 Summit to be held during mid-November 2010 with admirable determination. There are many issues to discuss, particularly those relating to the global financial crisis.

What might we expect to see from the G20?