Kyle Sandilands

Six Bridges of Separation: Kyle Sandilands

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Kyle, Kyle, Kyle! When will you realise there is more to this world than yourself!

Now I don’t know Kyle- I only know what I read in the media. I think he is a likeable fellow. Good humour, or at least well-intentioned. Always ready with a smile and few gags.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Kyle. He has been through a rough patch recently. Many of us have been down the same road ourselves, so I can empathise.

I saw a report today in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph that Kyle “vows to take down Clover Moore” over increased regulation of opening hours for licensed venues. Living in Kings Cross myself, I know what a loss to the city cutting back drinking hours would bring. For a start, the zoo that visits Kings Cross from about 11 pm toward the end of the week would disappear. That would be a loss.

Sandilands has a personal interest in fighting the proposed changes to the legislation, having bought into the Kings Cross nightclubs Piano Room and Trademark alongside his business manager Andrew Hawkins just two months ago.

I would like to challenge Kyle on this issue. I think he could better spend his time talking about the needs of those in extreme poverty. But here’s the rub: I don’t know him, and I am only in town until Friday. I would need to speak to him this week, and on air.

So please help out. Build the bridge to Kyle Sandilands (can we prove that we really are all connected by six bridges of separation?), and lets make not only Sydney but the world a better place.