Six Bridges To Kevin Bacon

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Kevin Bacon at the groundbreaking ceremony for...
Kevin Bacon at the groundbreaking ceremony for another bridge project. The Highline in New York.


Here is something you might not know about the 10 City Bridge Run. It is an initiative about participation. Not through running, but bridge building.

It relies wholly on sponsorship. Starting with nothing but an idea, the premise was to see what change might be possible working only through the participation of others. And we are off to a good start, but still need more support to complete the journey successfully.

Sponsorship is recognised through the book “Above the Line” which will feature 1,000 of the 24,000 photographs collected of people making bridges between themselves and others during the next 30 days from when the running commences. The 24,000 photographs will be presented to the G20 Summit leadership (President of Korea) as a ‘pictorial petition’ for better design of the global economy through the consideration of the needs of those in extreme poverty.

It presents a new business model described as a social business. It is not a not-for-profit. It is not a movement. It is about the collective ‘we’ showing our interest or care to make a difference. It is ‘for-purpose’, in this case to raise awareness of an individual’s capacity to influence extreme poverty.

Granted, most people are giving a lot already in their own ways, and engaged in a lot of great work supporting their communities and causes. But please note that here, sponsorship is very small. As little as $24, and as only as much as $240.

It is not a spectator sport. Please join me on the journey. Please consider becoming a sponsor yourself.

Right now I am wondering whether it is possible to connect Six Bridges To Kevin Bacon. Anyone can play this game! All you have to do is forward this blog post to someone you know…the hard part will be working out how many steps it took to reach Kevin. (I am going to start by forwarding it to six of my friends on Facebook).

So what happens once Kevin is reading this? This is what I would like to ask Kevin personally, but I need others to build the bridge to get the message to him:

Hi Kevin, would you please support me on the 10 City Bridge Run by becoming a Span Sponsor for $240? Thanks for your consideration. I hope you will join me on this journey.

To everyone reading this- Thanks for taking part. This is more than a game. We have the potential to create a big difference. Drop me an email or become a sponsor and then I can let you know when we hear back from Kevin.

Kevin- you are already a legend, and you would be a top bloke in my book if you would be a mate and support this initiative.