Inspiration- moving past barriers (pun unintended!)

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Bannister and Landy
Bannister and Landy- contest over one mile.

The words of Roger Bannister have served as an inspiration as I found the courage to move past discomfort and regain the confidence in picking up speed. He is quoted in Wikipedia having said:

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

This journey is not about winning, but about raising awareness and overcoming what was once thought to be a barrier to action, that is the first of the objectives to the 10 City Bridge Run:

To raise the awareness of an individual’s capacity to act to positively influence the eradication of extreme poverty from our world.

The pun in the title to this post, unintended when drafting this entry, sums it up best. Not only is this about moving past, as is beyond, barriers that are thought to exist. More so, it is about moving, or better stated as “removing” past barriers- barriers that were once, but now no longer are.

What is holding you back today, and what are you going to decide to do now to make that barrier a thing of the past? Go on, we’re waiting…


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