Training log: 7 September. 5 x 1600 m sprints

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1600 metre sprint distance for comparison
1600 metre sprint distance for comparison

After the last week of relative discomfort in the ankles and calves, I stepped it out tonight for multiple sprints across a distance of 1600 m. I ran at close to ‘race pace’ less so for time, and more to regain confidence in running at speed on legs that were a little delicate in the previous days. I felt in good condition after the long run yesterday.

My course, rather than repeated distances from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to the far side of the Sydney Opera House, was running 1600 m intervals which took me across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (2 lengths at 1600 m) and returning (3 lengths with one running across the Circular Quay and around the Opera House).

I principally ran across to Milson’s Point to confirm the logistical arrangements for breakfast on Saturday after the launch run. Some details required extra refinement…everything takes effort, and the outcome is the reward. I think it will be a great run on Saturday.

A couple of thank you’s from today:

  • Thanks to Brooke, one of the friendly Personal Trainers on staff at the Cook and Phillip Pool/Gym facility opposite Hyde Park. She gave me some good advice in relation to stretching.
  • Thanks to Ben Ward, a friend who together with other friends runs GreenUps in Sydney. He was really interested in the run and launch for Saturday, and gave some excellent feedback to change the start time from 7 am to 8 am. Good advice Ben! About 100 other people will really thank you for that extra hour on Saturday!

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