10 City Bridge Run- Objectives 1, 2, 3.

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Display inside UN NY: Malaria kills 700,000 children every year. Child mortality is complex with many causes

There are three objectives for the 10 City Bridge Run:

  1. Raise the awareness of an individual’s capacity to act to positively influence the eradication of extreme poverty from our world.
  2. Make representation of a global ‘pictorial petition’ to the G20 leadership at the 2010 G20 Summit to be held in Seoul as well as to the United Nations Secretary General. The ‘pictorial petition’ will be in the form of a book featuring 24,000 photographs of people as ‘bridge builders’- connecting with each other symbolically to raise the awareness of this issue.
  3. Identify 10 actionable items which people across the globe can participate in which will make a difference over the next five years to help in the eradication of extreme poverty. These action items are not pre-determined, and will be arrived through a crowd-sourcing process during the month of running.

Join us on the journey: be part of the difference that makes a difference.


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