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a goo cheif
A Goo Cheif

I subscribe to Seth Godin‘s blog. Daily, Seth posts a few small words encasing a big idea to think about.

I emailed Seth a few days ago about a question I had in relation to what he had written, and his response gave me more food for thought.

My question was about leadership. His answer basically encouraged me to keep going in the same direction. My reflection on Saturday was:

Leadership presents both opportunity and responsibility. Often the temptation is to first find validation or comfort through following others.  Leadership in fact involves rising above this temptation and, through your actions, writing the narrative for those who follow.

The work required to eradicate extreme poverty involves some of this pioneering leadership, a lot of innovation and many to follow making good with what appears to work. Not everyone needs to lead, but not everyone should follow either.

What role are you playing? Leader? Innovator? Follower? Bystander? All of the above?


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