How hard can it be to get someone to sponsor you a pair of running shoes?!

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When in doubt, post a blog!

Dear World, anyone have any suggestions?
Looking for a sports retailer to sponsor me a pair of Asics GEL Nimbus Size 11.5 US (4E).

Enough ‘No’s’ already from requests I have made, so putting it out there to see if anyone has any ideas?

I can guarantee international exposure (and local naturally) for the retailer as well as postcards from all cities visited.
Plus will feature the business in all training and running entry posts and give credit on the website.

While I am on a roll, also stuck for a Garmin Forerunner 110. I can live without the Garmin…the shoes would be a great help.

Just a note- I am relying fully on sponsorship to make this initiative work. Part of the creative process of inquiry- feeling what it is like to be without.


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