Everyone feels pain the last 6 miles- Suck it up!

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NYC: Queensboro Bridge
Queensboro Bridge


Confirming the route for New York and looking to run a 20 mile (32 km) road race on sunday 17 October with The New York Flyers (“From the website that reminds you: If you can’t fix it with duct tape, then it’s truly broken . . .”). It is eight km longer than I expected to run but I think I would be helped along with everyone else on the day.

Great training preparation video here (echoing Bob Dylon and shot with a Nikon D90) thanks to Mike Kobaland Toby Tanser.

The run is called the MTP 3 Bridges 20 Miler Redux. It starts on the Upper East Side on 85th and Lexington, heads to Central Park south to 72nd St then crossing to the Hudson River. Continuing south the Chambers St, it turns east and crossing the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. The run turns north crossing into Queens at the Pulaski Bridge, and back onto Manhattan at 59th St using the Queensboro Bridge. Returning to Central Park, the run heads north to finish where it began.

I think this will be a good route. I will be taking it easy on the run, and it will be good to have some company!


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