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Two days before beginning the journey, I need to make another difficult decision to delay the commencement of the 10 City Bridge Run.

I decided the prudent path forward was to allow more time.
This of course made me consider how other people would react, the integrity of the message, and the overall purpose of what is hoped to be achieved.
I considered the following in making a decision:
  • Do I go now because I said I would and risk being stranded with no cash mid-journey (in the event no sponsorship is raised during the run)?
  • Do I just say it is too difficult (and in effect impossible) and give up, refunding all sponsorship received?
  • Do I postpone the event, risking the integrity of ‘the bridge’ framed between the September UN Conference and the G20 Summit? Postponing also introduces significant considerations around adverse weather conditions. Soon it will be winter in Korea- not ideal for running.


I started thinking about what I had been learning about the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) over the last week especially through writing my blog:

  • The likelihood of failure in meeting these in their entirety
  • The excuse of the global financial crisis setting back earlier achievements with the MDG prior to 2008 (this is the reason cited for failing to deliver on commitments to the United Nations by many countries)
  • The worsening situation of preventable unacceptable conditions in many locations, particularly sub-Saharan Africa

If you think that a delay of starting the run by a month is bad, consider these MDG.

Of course, there is no going back in time. I can’t make it September again. That is impossible. Neither can we make it 2000 again and retread progress of the MDG.

The reality is that there are not two days to go for the 10 City Bridge Run. There are 1905 days to go until the end of 2015 when the MDG will be assessed. This is what matters.

Rather than be frustrated, I ask you to consider the opportunity presented to optimise the impact of this 10 City Bridge Run.


The 10 City Bridge Run is a creative process of inquiry. It is a challenge. It is testing ‘the impossible’. It requires a little more effort than usual.


The bridge that has been defined between the United Nations Conference (20-22 September) and the G20 Summit on 10-12 November is far from redundant. It has formed the first of many (figurative) bridges that will be crossed.  The G20 Summit becomes the near bank supporting a journey that bridges countries, bridges conversations, and bridges the small actions of many.


This journey is raw, real and live.

Thoughts, concerns, questions or advice? I welcome all feedback.





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