Listen to me please, some things need to change.

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Hello world, Me again- I’m back!

I hope you haven’t felt neglected since I last wrote. Yes, it has been a while, but rest assured I have been thinking of you a lot in that time.

I suppose you are wondering what is going on with the 10 City Bridge Run. In fact, maybe you are asking is anything going on with the 10 City Bridge Run?

The last couple of months have been a much needed source of reflection and reorientation, and the answer the question above is unequivocally ‘YES!’

Let me spell what that is in more detail in the blogs that follow. Importantly, we must both understand that some things need to change. You an I both know that.

Sure, the vision needs to be more clearly articulated. And the site is very busy with information.

But I am talking about something much bigger than that. You and I need to get to the heart of what this is about: bridging relationships to reduce child mortality.

There is some work ahead I am going to ask you to join me in doing. Taking photos of human bridges. But it’s ok, it is not a big ask, but I do need your help.

I can’t do it without you. I have only come this far already because of your support, even if you didn’t know that.

Please don’t give up on me now! Thanks for your follow. It means the world to me!


PS. Would you RT or repost? I can’t tell everyone this myself.


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