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MSH December 2012

Training for the 10 City Bridge Run begins on 4 December 2012. You can see the full program at the Training Schedule. and that is also the beginning of part of the conversation. Participation leads to conversation. Please join us!

You can join in by running, walking or skateboard any leg of the training for the particular date it is scheduled. You don’t need to coordinate that with us first, and you don’t need to be in the same location. You could even be in a different country. Afterwards, let us know you joined us on the journey by taking part in the run. Send us your photo (Facebook avatar will do) which will be posted onto the ‘Runners Wall‘.

There will be three levels for participation:

  • Level 1 ‘athlete’: where you join us on at least one day of training from the training schedule.
  • Level 2 ‘marathon’: where you join us on at least three days of training from the training schedule.
  • Level 3 ‘olympian’: where you join us on at least 10 days of training from the schedule.

The training goes over 12 weeks, and then there is one month of running the 10 City Bridge Run, so plenty of time to get your game on!

We will start with just two photos: me and my mate John from Kenya. Then another might join, and then another. How long before 10? How long before 100 people have taken part? Can we exceed over 1,000 people? How will participation shape conversation, I wonder?

This idea is still being unpacked, so if you have any questions or better suggestions please let us know. If you know a better way to display the ‘Runners Wall’, please let us know too.


One thought on “Runners Wall

    Elsbeth Jones said:
    December 4, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    It’s a great idea Matthew, I think that you may already have some photos of me that I would ask you to put on the wall if you will please.
    See you in January, Mum

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