No Prize For Coming First – Participation is Key

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English: A man helps a friend along at the 200...
English: A man helps a friend along at the 2005 Boston Marathon, near mile 25 on the MBTA overpass. Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The highly respected Coach Bob Williams from Portland, Oregan, developed this program for marathon distance and was written up in Noakes book ‘Lore of Running’. I have modified it slightly for a shorter distance, and built in some rest to avoid overtraining. See the program at the menu at the top of the page here.

I invite you to join me on any day I am running. You don’t need to run the same course, or even be in the same city. All you need to do is head out where ever you might be and run the same training load I have for that day. Send me a message by email, or comment below, or post on Facebook so I know you have taken part. You could even send a screen-shot of your mapped course or photo of you out running so others could see as well.

Let’s get this conversation started start through running. How many people could join me running on any one day? Two, ten, 100, more? Don’t go it alone: take the office with you. How large a group can you organise? I know there are running clubs that meet regularly- include my load in your distance, then send a photo with your crew out training!

I know my good friend John Thuo from Kenya will be keen to help out. He is a marathon runner and a good one too. And my mate Dean in Sydney has also said he is getting ready to help encourage me along in my training with some of the 8 km routes. That is three of us to start!

A number of good friends including Ash and Simon here in Sydney have already stepped forward saying they will run with me on the day itself. Others are of course welcome, and don’t forget there are nine other cities as well. You could even run your own 24 km route during the month I am running on one of the days in solidarity for the cause. Trust me, it will encourage me enormously to know you are out there with me! Please share the opportunity with others and repost this link. Let’s get more people involved. Fire up the network and get this conversation started!

So how about you too? Will you join us? Pick an easy day if that is best for you. Just run one day – no big ask. How about 2 January 2013 (scroll down: it is 6 x 200 m ‘sprints’). No prize for coming first, but it is important that you come with us on this journey.


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