Next Steps: Relaunch Party

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We're having a party...
We’re having a party…

Attention turns to planning the ReLaunch Party for the 10 City Bridge Run.

It has been a while in the making, and not without a few set-backs and challenges. Celebrating the commencement of this journey at the ReLaunch Party will be all the sweeter thinking about the obstacles overcome to get to this point. It wasn’t possible without your support and encouragement.

The ReLaunch Party is planned to be held in Sydney towards the end of July/early August. Adam Spencer has made himself available to be the emcee for the evening (depending on the date and his other commitments).

Theme, entertainment, speakers, location, time, date and registration details? Will be addressing those soon, and if you would like to get involved by volunteering to help with the ReLaunch Party, please let us know!


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