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Most of the 137 postcards are inside this box, some still awaiting their addresses. A relief to completed this while sitting in the ‘Kim bab Heaven’ 24 hour diner in Seoul

My last post was titled Postcard From An Epic Journey.

Some supporters might be wondering where the actual first postcards are that were due to be sent shortly before my departure from Sydney. Good question!

I didn’t complete writing all of the postcards before departing Australia, and worked on completing the remainder en route to Singapore.

Administration is not my strength, in fact far from it.

I carried this swag of postcards with me across Singapore, on the bus to Malaysia, then to Japan, India, China, back to Japan, and now Korea.

By the time I arrived in Japan, I had started writing an update on the second of the postcards, a task that was completed here in Seoul.

At the Post Office counter in Seoul
At the Post Office counter in Seoul

I held off sending them at the time they were completed, partly because of the time window involved, and waiting to learn how things worked out with the crowdfunding campaign. In the next series of posts, you will read about the next steps that we can take through the help of a select group of supporters, and once I have some clarity on that result I will post the cards.

I do apologise for the length of time this has taken, and all I hope is that the postcards when received provide an intriguing reflection of the difficulty of this journey to date.

Thanks again for your support.


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