Postcard from an epic journey

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IMG_0381I have spent the last week writing a reflection in the wake of the recent crowdfunding campaign supporting the 10 City Bridge Run.

The first thing I must write here is directed to all supporters to date: Thank you.

What I had hoped to be a brief account that would be easily sent around to all supporters ended up being a longer document with Nine Lessons Learnt to date.

I will forward the full document as a PDF by email subsequently, and also post it as a series of blogs here shortly for everyone to read.

The journey is now well and truly underway after considerable delay. Beginning in 2010, we took the first steps on 16 September 2014 in Port Moresby on Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day. That was a good place to start, considering PNG is a country that is unlikely to achieve any of the eight Millennium Development Goals before the end of 2015, including MDG4 which is to reduce child mortality.

This initiative is not about lists of statistics. It is about people: you, me, our networks, and importantly those who are most affected by child mortality.

Already, there is a thriving community deeply involved in addressing issues affecting child mortality, and the purpose of the 10 City Bridge Run is to connect a larger conversation to bridge what we know works with networks who have never really given this situation much thought. By doing so, the assumption is we will make significant progress to improve the delivery of child survival.


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