Connect ideas, don’t protect them. Build bridges to a better future.

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Earlier this evening, my good mate Campbell reminded me of the centrality of the cafe to collaboration. Many have seen this TED Talk, but worth watching again. This post is interesting both because it sheds some light into the earlier effort that went into establishing the 10 City Bridge Run, but also now that the epic running journey has concluded it points us towards the importance of that informality of conversation found in cafes as we set about designing the Design Forum.
What are your thrust about collaboration?

Building Bridges

Playing cards in a coffeehouse, Damascus. Sour...

This morning at Sydney Coffee Mornings meeting at Single Origin, my mate Gregg was talking about seeing ideas as networks echoing a TED Talk. That this conversation was in a cafe was not a coincidence, but only exemplified what the talk was about. Watch Steve Johnson present this TED Talk here:

Steve talks about metaphor. Coffee houses providing the incubation place for an idea.

He cautions that a lot of ideas have a slow incubation period. The falacy of the ‘Eureka!’ moment. The long hunch, as he describes it. Steve asks:

How do we allow hunches to connect with other hunches?

Another metaphor I am exploring through the 10 City Bridge Run is that of a bridge. How might we design a bridge to incubate the ideas that make a difference to extreme poverty?

Soon I start running 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries inside…

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