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Look inside...
Look inside…

Embryonic. It is defined as “of a system, idea, or organization) in a rudimentary stage with potential for development.”

The idea has been conceived. We have life, as it were. An embryo of thought, birthed of action and imagination.

This embryo now needs to be nurtured, fed, protected, strengthened.

Of course, it is not really an embryo. But it might as well be. If nothing else, it is a good metaphor through which to see the beginning of the Design Forum. It really is embryonic. That might be difficult to believe after tooling around with this idea since 2010, and spending the last three months of 2014 on the epic quest of the 10 City Bridge Run.

But yes, we have arrived at our destination: the Design Forum! And it is at the beginning! I especially think it is important to let this conversation develop organically. It is a real conversation, not a formal conference.

We are literally waiting to hear from you. I have my own thoughts about which way the conversation will be fashioned, but the wisdom of the crowd is far smarter than any one of us. It will be a journey that is as deliberate as it is serendipitous.

We do know what happens when an embryo grows. Granted, there is not a lot of room for serendipity there. But that is why the metaphor of an embryo is powerful.

Apparently when a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar inside its cocoon, it has what are called imaginal cells that transmutate and allow it to shape-shift. This strange alchemy of the imaginal cells is something which could also transform the Design Forum. Who amongst us can unlock the imaginal cells to morph into a spectacular butterfly-like recreation?

How radical will we let our ideas become? It could just be you we are waiting for. Let’s begin.

Sign up for the Design Forum here, and enrol in the free introduction to Human Centered Design made available through Acumen Fund/IDEO here.


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