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Map of Burundi
Where is Burundi?

My mate Ted posted this video recently of work he and his friends are involved with called Homes of Hope. “Villages of Life” invites doctors to come from Australia and America do start treating the kids at “homes of hope” Burundi. In addition to diagnosing, treating, general check overs, Villages of Life has begun to keep medical records of the children and their mothers living on the compound.

Inspiring video- take a look.


Inspirational journey (you have to watch this video!)

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Mt Kilimanjaro.
Mt Kilimanjaro

If ever you thought you had it tough and couldn’t push yourself any harder, think about my mate Toby from New York. Toby has a real heart for helping people in Kenya and has been working for a few years on a project to build a medical facility for children (the first in sub-Saharan Africa…) where they have none, and so ran from ‘the sea to the stars’ recently.

From the Sea to the Stars – a charity run to get the last portion needed to break ground on Sub Saharan Africa’s first public kids’ hospital. 250-miles from the Indian Ocean to the ceiling of Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro running!

Awesome effort Toby! Kudos!