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Other Mens’ Flowers

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The Hon. Fred Chaney AO presenting the Occasio...
The Hon. Fred Chaney AO

I was fortunate to spend some time with Fred Chaney over the last two years. He gave me wonderful advice, whether I wanted to hear it or not. That is the sign of someone who really cares- they take the time to tell you the truth, not just put sugar coating on everything.

One conversation he gave some clues about how to have impact which was profound advice. I summarise it by the expression ‘Other Mens’ Flowers’. Here is what it is about:

  • Other Mens’ Flowers: Use what others have produced as a foundation.
  • Find Fellow Nudgers: We are not in this alone. Collaborate.
  • Small evolutions: Big revolutions are actually rare. Focus on getting the small evolutions right.
  • Not random interventions: Focus. Stay focused.
  • What is the one big game changing idea?: What are you about?

Reflecting on this was on my mind over the last month as I reviewed the 10 City Bridge Run. I need your help to move forward. Please join with me as a ‘Fellow Nudger’ to help change the game and improve the lives of millions.