Training log: 6 September. 20 km circuit.

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North Bondi
View across Bondi from North Bondi

After cutting the run short on Saturday and not completing the 20 km scheduled run, I covered the same distance tonight to build my confidence in training that it was not beyond me.

The course is a great circuit looping Bellevue Hill (Sydney)…great that is if you like a long run. If you don’t like running, I suggest you drive. The start point was Hyde Park, running out along New South Head Road to Rose Bay. Turning south on Newcastle St, into Blair St to reach North Bondi. Running the beach run to Bronte, then I returned via Bronte Road, Bondi Junction and Oxford St finishing at Hyde Park.

I didn’t measure time or heart-rate, and kept a slow pace for most of the run. I measured weight before departing and on my return. My legs felt in good shape all things considered which was a relief following the discomfort experienced on Saturday.

The highlights:

  • Running beside the water lapping the sea wall at Rose Bay
  • Tuning the bend at North Bondi and seeing the black expanse of Bondi Beach at night; peering out into the distant darkness
  • Running along the Bondi- Bronte path in the moonlight, hearing the waves pound the cliffs
  • Returning from Bronte knowing the long part is behind

I encountered four people I knew. Retiring MP and fellow runner Pat Farmer, a champion of ultra-marathon distances and now planning a run between ‘Pole to Pole’. Gordon Fell of Rubicon fame- good to talk with him, but also the oblique ‘bridge’ reference (crossing the Rubicon…).

Looking ahead to the first run on 24 September, and preparing for some sprint training tomorrow.


Training log: 4 September. 20 km looping Bellevue Hill (Sydney)

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Set out to run 20 km tonight along a course joining Kings Cross- Rose Bay- North Bondi- Bronte- Queens Park- Hyde Park. After reaching Rose Bay while I felt fresh to continue running I was experiencing enough discomfort around my calves to decide to turn around and not complete the journey.

I could have pressed on, and possibly risked over-training. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to the body correctly- am I just a little tired and should dig deep to push a little harder, or is the body trying to signal to me a message to say time to take some rest.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and when my training begins next week I think I will also swim a few laps at the end of each session to give the legs some warm down exercise beside stretching.

Measuring the run for time or heart-rate was not a factor tonight as the goal wasn’t achieved. Rather than seeing this as failure, I will take this as positive information in my training and see how my legs respond next week.

Feeling good and positive about each of the runs over the coming month, and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.