Legitimacy of G20: Self-appointed for the sake of G172?

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G20 countries
G20 countries

Last week the leaders of the G20 met in Seoul for the G20 Summit. For many, the ‘Group of 20’ (G20) is a largely self-appointed and barely legitimate body with no authority to assume its current role. Is this a valid perspective, and what does it mean for the ‘G172’ (the 172 member states of the United Nations)?

Over the next few blog posts I will examine the Seoul Summit Declaration in more detail from a development perspective. What decisions did the G20 make, and are there consequences for other countries excluded from the meeting which are unfair or favourable? What did the G20 Summit mean for influencing extreme poverty, and how does this relate to the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals?


Philanthropy at work

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City Union Railway Bridge
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The 10 City Bridge Run is philanthropy at work.

Philanthropy doesn’t mean Not-For-Proft. It means doing good in the interests of others.

Please sponsor the book “Above the Line” for $24 and help make a difference to poverty in our world.

This will enable awareness to be raised, a petition to be present to the G20 Summit, and leverage to fund projects that address the two biggest killers of children globally. Diarrhoea (through water and sanitation) and malaria (through mosquito netting).

The 10 City Bridge Run is an initiative of Social Alchemy, a social business established in 2006.  It is cause-driven, otherwise defined as for-benefit and for-purpose. No profit made by the organisation is able to be distributed in the form of dividend.

Counting down (to 2015)

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Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Development Goals

Check out the link to the Countdown to 2015 initiative I received sent through from my mate Stephen Mayers here in Sydney.

Another example of some of the great work and focus people are bringing to the urgency required to address the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

A summary might be that there are many reasons to be optimistic about progress toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, however the progress has been unevenly distributed. It is time to seriously focus on a countdown toward the time horizon set to achieve these goals of 2015.

Take some time to click through this site and watch the embedded video. What is your response?