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Design: Connecting to People

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Ze Frank

Ze Frank illustrates his sense of play and how he uses the “interwebs” to connect to people in this TED Talk. At its core, I think this is a design challenge. The ideas might appear spontaneous, but I think there is some craft or thought which is behind it all.

It takes people to connect to people. Watch the audiences enjoyment of watching the performance from Ze Frank. The art Ze Frank produces is first online with people connecting with people. It is wonderful that he can then connect this directly with people through this presentation.

What I really like is that is goes from the seemingly without function (dressing up vacuum cleaners) to addressing real human needs (reconciliation, love, support). Genius.


Design for Generosity

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Clay Shirky returns to the blog with another inspiring TED Talk titled: How cognitive surplus will change the world.

It is a good talk to use as a practical extension of Suzuki’s talk at the Sydney Opera House last night. The perfect mash-up: Shirky v Suzuki!

Shirky unfolds his argument like this:

  • Institutions are inherently exclusionary.
  • We corporately as humans have trillions of hours of spare time each year.
  • He calls this our “cognitive surplus”.
  • We live in a connected age with technology that allows this to be harnessed.
  • How might this be used to design for generosity with communal benefit?
  • Can this add to civic value and by doing so create a better society?

I think it can. This is how the 10 City Bridge Run is designed- a methodology around crowdsourcing to influence extreme poverty.

Please help us to build bridges to a better future. What would that look like for you?

Tinkering…Come play!

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A segment of a social network

Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering on this TED Talk. Watch it here:

Tinkering…that sort of describes where I have reached this point with the 10 City Bridge Run. Here are a couple of reflections from Gever which relate to what has been my vision:

  • Building is at the heart of the experience.
  • Hands on.
  • Failures are celebrated.
  • Problems become puzzles.
  • “…can become a bridge stronger than anyone could imagine.”

Starting tonight, it is time to turn much of this design work from this side of the keyboard to the the collaboration of collective action. I can’t do this on my own. I always said that my ability to act is influenced by the participation of others.

I need your help. Don’t just stand there and watch…start tinkering!