Tinkering…Come play!

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Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering on this TED Talk. Watch it here:

Tinkering…that sort of describes where I have reached this point with the 10 City Bridge Run. Here are a couple of reflections from Gever which relate to what has been my vision:

  • Building is at the heart of the experience.
  • Hands on.
  • Failures are celebrated.
  • Problems become puzzles.
  • “…can become a bridge stronger than anyone could imagine.”

Starting tonight, it is time to turn much of this design work from this side of the keyboard to the the collaboration of collective action. I can’t do this on my own. I always said that my ability to act is influenced by the participation of others.

I need your help. Don’t just stand there and watch…start tinkering!


One thought on “Tinkering…Come play!

    Do you need a permit? | Building Bridges said:
    October 25, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    […] In a world so consumed with brand, and where we measure success in how social media is ‘liked’ by ‘friends’ it is an empowering act to just start something. It is messy and raw- a lot of time is perhaps wasted trying to work out where it is supposed to be going. It reminds me of the decorating the children did when their ideas fell short captured in my earlier post titled “Tinkering…Come Play!“. […]

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