Training log: 3 September. 8 km good pace- broken journey

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Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night

Tonight a training run of 8 km- set off at a good pace, and feeling good with the previous soreness around the calves. The route was out-and-back from Hyde Park, down Macquarie St and turning to George Street passing through Martin Place. Continuing up Nurses Walk to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and across to Milsons Point.

I opened up to a good pace, a felt some tightness of breath reaching the far side of the Harbour Bridge. I stopped briefly at The Church By The Bridge in Milsons Point seeing they had a “I Heart Kirribilli” display and talked to Des Smith about how the launch event might play out on 11 September. Des was kind enough to offer me two pancakes (delicious!) and after a quick conversation with the locals headed back fresh after a rest stop.

I recorded no time or heart-rate data for the run, and measured weight before and on return. After stretching, I felt fresh for a longer run scheduled for tomorrow.


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