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running man logoEver had that experience of looking for something and not finding it?

Last night’s efforts to find a shirt and hat with the Running Man logo for the Korean improv comedy didn’t work out after a couple of weeks of searching. And I was so close!

Towards the end of the journey, I sensed I was trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Not an easy way to do anything…

Rather than seeing it as a fruitless effort, the story from this search gave me some good lessons:

  • Collaboration underpins the Design Forum for the 10 City Bridge Run seeking to improve the delivery of child survival.
  • Framing the Design Forum process with the thematic mantra for the Dongdaemun Design Plaza of “Dream Design Play”
  • Challenging outcome will mostly be difficult. The impossible takes a little more time and effort.

This wasn’t failure. It was an outcome.

I have rescheduled the Seoul run until next Sunday (23 November) when I will participate in the Sohn Ki-chung marathon. Sohn Ki-chung was the great marathon runner who broke the 2:30 barrier by smashing the world record in 1935, then winning the Berlin Olympics Marathon in 1936. As a coach, he was successful, and in 1950 achieved first, second and third placing for all Korean runners in the Boston Marathon.

Sohn Ki-chung also gives inspiration for the photo-essay of human bridges to make the book ‘Life Bridge’, adapted through his words: “The human bridge makes incredible things possible when supported by strong commitment and passion.


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