The Not-So-Coffee-Free Friday: Part 2

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Please support me for the cost of a coffee on Friday!

Today, I have rescheduled my training, and will run six laps between Pyrmont Bridge and Anzac Bridge (4.2 km one way) to cover a 24 km distance. Along the way, I am hoping to stop by for a quick coffee with my good friend Annette Higgins (caffeine is a good stimulant for increasing athletic performance). Consider sponsoring me $4 (you only need to do it once ever)- the cost of a coffee- while I am running.

You can do this through the link here at It is a crowdfunding site, which means many people contribute small amounts to fund a creative project.

Next week, I will run 20 laps of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1.2 km one way) during a training run. You are welcome to join me for the whole distance or just one lap. Happy to slow to a walking pace (for one lap) if that suits you best!

Times are tight. I know that. But would you play a small part in my journey by sponsoring me $4?

Actually, there are no small parts in this journey. Everyone has their place, and even $4 makes a big difference to the outcome: helping to alleviate child mortality. Read more about how I believe I can make a difference with your help at the link above.

Thanks for coming on the journey.


Coffee Free Friday?

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Please support me for the cost of a coffee on Friday!

Okay, maybe not go without coffee. I share your pain. But would you consider supporting me for the cost of a coffee in my crowdfunding project? I would love you to join the journey.

Check out my new video, but better still visit the Pozible site here at and check out the right hand column.

On Friday, would you be open to supporting me for $4?

Go on, help make this journey possible and changing the narrative for child mortality.

…and could I ask one other thing too? Please ask those you are also having coffee with you support too. Yes, you can do it on your smartphone. And why wait for Friday? Thanks for your support!

Two’s company, three’s a crowd

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As I enter the final two weeks (yes, this time for real…) before commencing the running part of the 10 City Bridge Run, talking things over with other people would be really helpful.

Besides, everyone enjoys coffee. Check out this video from Sam Thompson from Single Origin:

Starting this Friday, join me somewhere around Sydney for “10 cafes in 10 days”. I haven’t worked out where all of the cafes will be, so if you think there is somewhere worth meeting drop me a line and we can add it to the list. The meet-ups don’t need to be big. After all, two’s company and three’s a crowd!

Plus gives me a chance to work out how best to use ‘bridge-cam!’ Yes, expect to be filmed.

Here is the schedule as it stands:

  • Friday 29 October: Single Origin, 64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills (I will be there at 9 am…kudos to Gavin Heaton and Sydney Coffee Mornings!
  • Saturday 30 October: Coogee after a morning run with friends to North Bondi and back
  • Monday 1 November: Uliveto, Bayswater Road Kings Cross at 10.00 am
  • Tuesday 2 November:
  • Wednesday 3 November:
  • Thursday 4 November:
  • Friday 5 November:
  • Saturday 6 November:
  • Monday 8 November:
  • Tuesday 9 November: Bambini Wine Room, Elizabeth Street, City (meeting of Oddfellows from 7.30 am. RSVP separately)

Connect ideas, don’t protect them. Build bridges to a better future.

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Playing cards in a coffeehouse, Damascus. Sour...
That is Gregg Girling with the pipe

This morning at Sydney Coffee Mornings meeting at Single Origin, my mate Gregg was talking about seeing ideas as networks echoing a TED Talk. That this conversation was in a cafe was not a coincidence, but only exemplified what the talk was about. Watch Steve Johnson present this TED Talk here:

Steve talks about metaphor. Coffee houses providing the incubation place for an idea.

He cautions that a lot of ideas have a slow incubation period. The falacy of the ‘Eureka!’ moment. The long hunch, as he describes it. Steve asks:

How do we allow hunches to connect with other hunches?

Another metaphor I am exploring through the 10 City Bridge Run is that of a bridge. How might we design a bridge to incubate the ideas that make a difference to extreme poverty?

Soon I start running 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km in 10 cities across 10 countries inside of one month. Each distance represents the 24,000 children that die every day. The run itself is bridging cities, conversations and communities.

The real work of participation is collecting 24,000 photographs of human bridges to be used as a pictorial petition to be presented to the G20 leaders. This is an idea that is emerging and still needs some work to refine and spread. So how do we allow hunches to connect with other hunches?

Will you join us over the next few weeks before I commence running during an informal event: ’10 Cafes in 10 Days’? I thought we could start at Single Origin Roasters Cafe at 64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills on Wednesday 27 October (how is 8.30 am- 9.30 am?) and see where it goes from there. Coffee anyone?!