Training log: First run after remediation

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Hugo Siegwart - Athlete
Working on the tan since beginning the new year...

Headed out for a slow 5 km jog this morning after about six weeks of remediation from injury caused by overtraining. The jog went well- no twinges or pain at all which was a good sign. So far, so good.

Started the session with a series of dynamic stretches for running.

Lesson learnt: more stretching, more emphasis on cool down, work up gradually and don’t overload training.

Looking good for 1 March start date.


Training log: 8 September. Unscheduled rest (brought forward)

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Decided to bring forward the rest day scheduled at the end of the week. Spent a good period of time at the gym stretching.

Thanks to Fiona Parker, Deb and Paul from Ashtanga Yoga Space above the Verona Cinema, Oxford St in Paddington for all of their wonderful love and care over the past few years- I have been a far too irregular attendee, but gained so much especially in picking up my own routine.

Feeling fresh and well rested for the week ahead.