Fear and Doubt

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The last two weeks have been marked by stalling, fear and doubt. I don’t really like admitting to fear- it signals weakness and vulnerability…but what is wrong with that? These are natural and human responses that sooner or later we have to meet head on.

Fear and doubt are partners. One prompts and strengthens the other. One exists only because of the other. While we can dispell them, it is courage that overcomes them. While this courage comes from within, it is at its strongest when channeled from the outside: through encouragement.

We all have our fears and doubts. The support of others really makes a difference. A big thank you to everyone who in some small way has provided some of this great support. It is the fuel that moves me forward. Time now to crack on!

I have returned to a quote from Paul Hawken, the great American environmentalist, activist and writer. I have been fortunate to spend time with Paul on a number of occasions when in San Francisco and can hear his voice when I read his writing. His last book “Blessed Unrest” has its name taken from a quote. Part of it is mentioned below. It is a conversation between two people (De Mille and Graham):

De Mille: “But”, I said, “when I see my work I take for granted what other people value in it. I see only its ineptitude, inorganic flaws, and crudities. I am not pleased or satisfied.”
Graham: “No artist is pleased.”
De Mille: “But then there is no satisfaction?”
Graham: “No satisfaction whatever at any time,” she cried passionately. “There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others. And at times I think I could kick you until you can’t stand.”

The full quote is worth reading. If you want to read it, send me a message and I will post it for you all.