Go To Where The Action Is

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Course for the 10 City Bridge Run commencing 10 October 2012: 10 sub-marathons each of 24 km, in 10 cities across 10 countries, all inside of one month.

A number of friends recently challenged me on why I had planned to go to the cities I had chosen to visit. “Ought you to spend more time in places inside of Africa?” they asked.

Initially, I argued on the basis of the narrative that I had formed. This was how I could justify visiting places like London.

But as I thought more about the advice that my friends were giving me, I realised that they were right. Watching a video by Paul Polak around the same time closed the deal for me. His advice in order to make change was to ‘go to where the action is’.

That meant ditching London, Banda Aceh and Fukushima, and instead embracing three new countries inside of Africa. The journey has taken a different twist now, and I think for the better.

I re-recorded a video I had made to reflect the changes, and you can watch it below here: