Sydney Harbour

Training log: 9 October. 1600 m fast pace sets.

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The Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point.
View from Mrs Macquaries Chair

Good training this afternoon with five sets of 1600 m fast pace runs- less than a sprint, but faster than event pace.

Good response, and legs holding up well. Some good stretching before and afterwards.

I was running along Sydney Harbour between Mrs Macquaries Chair and the western apron of the Sydney Opera House. Unbeatable training location, except that toward the last 400m of the fourth set a filming crew had blocked the path preventing all pedestrian access. I wasn’t really happy about that, but had to work around it which initially I found frustrating but was a good reminder that not everything will go to plan. There will be bigger difficulties to contend with on the journey ahead.


Training log: 8 October. Shake out, sprints and stretch

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Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge

Last week I took my training easy resting my legs as much as possible. Training last week was spent in the pool mainly doing sprints of deep water running for extended periods and light periods of stretching.

My legs had tired over the previous weeks, and were beginning to show the stress of overtraining combined with a lack of sufficient stretching.

Warming up tonight, and setting off for an initial run I felt as though I had a new pair of legs. Well rested and prepared for the start on Thursday.

Tonight after a warming up of stretches, light aerobic activity and dynamic stretches I went for a slow job followed by interval training of 12 x 200 m sprints along the waters edge of Sydney Harbour. The long nights of daylight savings with the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background made it very enjoyable.

I finished up with a slow 5 km jog ending with an extended period of stretching. Over the next few days I will focus on my diet and building up fuel for the journey ahead.

Training Log: Six Bridges of Separation

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Australian Defence Minister John Faulkner
Senator John Faulkner

My last training run was on 2 October when I ran a 25 km route around Sydney Harbour.  I started with some discomfort on my ankles but was able to pick up some reasonable pace for the first half. Moving onto the goat tracks along Sydney Harbour for the second half I slowed down considerably and left some room for improvement.

Crossing the ANZAC Bridge from Pyrmont to Balmain I passed Senator John Faulkner (Australian Senator) and stopped briefly to say hello. I will email his later today and ask him to sponsor the 10 City Bridge Run and will let you know how I get on.

Finishing the run I had restricted range of movement in my ankles and a tight tension on my left hamstring. I spent the last two days seeing what effect stretching, acupuncture, massage, yoga and fish oil had on my soreness. Massage and fish oil appeared to have the biggest impact, and maintaining more stretching will be important over the coming month.

Training Log: 31 August. 8 x 400 m sprints

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From Cook and Phillip Pool, I ran down to Sydney Harbour’s gorgeous foreshore at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair located at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney would have to be one of the most scenic cities in which to train.

Measuring out a 400 m stretch, I pounded out the eight laps required by today’s schedule.

I wasn’t wearing a watch or heart-rate monitor, so ran for maximum effort on each lap.

Commencing the running I had some soreness in my lower calves and ankles from the past week’s training, but this soon loosened up allowing me a free stride.

Sprint training can be hard work when your fitness is low. As your fitness improves, the ability to continually run at pace becomes an engaging challenge within one’s self.

The reward from tonight’s training was a spectacular sunset spilt out across a chequer-board pattern of clouds in the sky. Did anyone capture the sunset on camera? Send me a photo, and I will upload in the blog.